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Hostico Backup System

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General Informations

Bareos is a complex backup system made up of three distinct components, which together perform the task of creating, recovering and checking backups on both Linux and Windows servers.
Depending on the role played by the components, each is installed on a separate equipment, which results in a separation of the tasks and resources that these tasks will run.
The variety of configuration options of the three components, brings, respectively provides complexity and versatility that allows the implementation of backup systems, fitting perfectly into the used environment.
Because of the fast techniques and the low consumption of resources,the backups located on the Hostico servers run at least one per day up to four time per day in some cases.


The servers purposed for the storage of the backups are servers specially defined,made for this task,and they don’t run other applications and services.

  • backup’s are encrypted for a high level of security.
  • physical access at the backup servers as well and other equipments from the Hostico network,it is only possible to the accredited Hostico staff members
  • regular maintenance work is done on the backup files in order to improve the functionality and in these cases it’s possible that the backup will only be available for the last 5-10 days and not 14.
  • at this time, backups are not available to customers, and they can only be restored by technical team members.

We recommend our customers to always keep a copy of the files/databases that they own,because it is possible that in some situations the backup won’t run or will run improperly,therefore we can’t guarantee the existence of a backup from a specific day/hour or the certainty of it.

The possibility of loosing the data,both on the application servers and the backup ones,is low but not impossible,and therefor we have some general recommendations creating you own backups or security copies:

  • before leaving for the holidays or when you plan on being absent for a longer time,and the site won’t be checked for a large span of time
  • in advance of doing any modifications or updates-periodically according to the level of modifications that were made to the files or database
  • the created backup must be downloaded and stored on your personal computer,or uploaded into a safe online enviroment
  • backups made externally are available for up to 14 days
  • backups kept on the shared accounts respectively Hostico VPS’s must be limited to a single copy of the website,applications or databases.
  • the restoration of data stored on the backup server is free, but limited to 3 restorations per day for the same group or subgroup of data, regardless of the selected restoration period. Any additional restoration requests will be made through purchased support hours.

Hostico is not liable for:

  • a partial or complete lack of backup
  • missing of backup from a certain date
  • partial or total corruption of the backup file
  • any other software or hardware malfunctions that affects the backup process
  • inconsistency of data in a backup over a period of time and data in the files / databases of the client at that time

It is the customers responsibility to make sure that he always has a copy of the data he owns.